👋 I'm @ndyg! I'm really glad you're here.

Gosh, we've made a mess of things, haven't we?

I love tinkering and cobbling together "Small Tools". Some people call that interop.

I'd like to work with others to craft and seriously use these tools to foster cosy communities and good faith communication, with the goal of exploring life's intricacies and uplifting everyone's journey.

Which is to say, I'd like to work with you to make things better. And .. what does "make things better" even mean?

Some of the things I'm working on...

Stacks Status: Useful, and still sketching -A humble clipboard manager aspiring to elevate the depth of our conversations
Enchanted Animal Rescue Status: WIP [██.... 20%] -Rescue forest animals while exercising your clipboard manager skills
xs Status: WIP [██.... 20%] -An event stream store for personal, local-first use. Kinda like the sqlite3 cli, but specializing in the event sourcing use case
"Small Tools" Status: forever quest -What would it look like if we just used small tools, everywhere?
http-sh Status: Useful, and still sketching -Attach Bash scripts to a HTTP interface
chat-app Status: Experiment -How would you build a service exclusively with small tools, where the unit of tool is a CLI command, and Bash is the coordination language?
nushell Status: Tagging along! -A better way to compose Small Tools
nu_plugin_from_sse Status: Useful -Nu plugin to parse a server sent events stream to structured records
nu_plugin_from_http Status: Sketching -Nu http commands, as a plugin + `http serve ./sock { .. }`
discord.nu Status: Sketching -Nushell discord client for bots and things
Platform Quest Status: Tagging along with the remarkable @DrSpendlove -Building inclusive teams and bringing the best out of people with play and humor

cross.stream: a communal space to hack and share: Status: TBD

  • User facing
    • Digital Garden
    • Build your own tools
  • Infrastructure
    • Stream driven development (event source)
    • Small tools (~= embrace the shell)

Some of the things I'm thinking about...

How do you make a living?